World’s Most Athletic Cat

Perhaps it’s her diet. Didga the world’s most athletic cat enjoys a diet of turkey, deer, chicken and raw kangaroo. And it has helped to catapult her to the top rung of Catdom.

Didga in purrfect form. Photo: Facebook

Didga in purrfect form. Photo: Facebook

The one-time shelter cat from Queensland in Australia has earned an entry in next year’s Guinness Book of Records by managing to perform 20 tricks within one minute.  Didga has since improved on her purr-formance by going on to purr-form 24 tricks within a minute. Which makes her the cat with the mostest as far as the people at the Guinness Book of Records are concerned. Didga’s feats include skateboarding and hurdle jumping from a moving skateboard. Videos of her performances have garnered more than 536, 623 views on YouTube.

Didga is doted on by her human companion Robert Dollwet, who is an animal trainer by profession – no surprise there.  (Video: YouTube)



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