Woman apologises to Energy Drink Manufacturer

"The contents are"

A Johannesburg woman who accused Dragon energy drink of containing morphine/opiates which showed up in her son’s urine sample, has issued an apology. Vicky Hefer says she had no idea that the WhatsApp message she wrote on Tuesday evening would go viral. Hefer says that she just hopes to put the whole episode behind her.

Hefer’s apology to Dragon reads as follow:
“I Vicky Hefer hereby apologize publically for accusing Dragon Energy Drinks of inserting Morphine into its product and promoting drug abuse amongst children. I apologize for implying that Dragon Energy Drinks retail cheaply and are addictive and further support drug abuse. I have no facts nor did I have the right to accuse Dragon Energy Drinks of being poisonous and harmful to human beings. I apologize further for stating that Dragon Energy Drinks are dishonest and that they do not disclose the nature of their ingredients on their product. I am fully aware now that legislation requires that all energy drink producers disclose the contents of the energy drinks they manufacture and that all the ingredients in Dragon Energy Drinks are fully disclosed on their product. It has been brought to my attention that the trace opiates discovered in my sons blood test and urine sample could have been contributed to a number of factors other than consuming Dragon Energy Drinks. My sincerest apologies to Dragon Energy Drinks and anyone else my reckless actions may have harmed in the process.
I wish Dragon Energy Drinks only the best in their future endeavours.”



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