Wolwerivier: Here’s Hope

Nora Grose (right) has hope for Wolwerivier.

Nora Grose (right) has hope for Wolwerivier.

Wolwerivier is not going to be another Blikkiesdorp or
Du Noon, vows DA councillor Nora Grose. “Not a chance that I will allow it to become a disaster while I’m a councillor,” the feisty blonde gran announces.

The settlement has had birth pangs. Some of the new homeowners have sold their homes for R10 000-R15 000 or are letting them. Some houses were burnt down. All of this is being addressed, says Grose.

It looks like Blikkiesdorp.

There’s a growing sense of pride here, says Grose.

Housing scam
According to the contract between the city and the homeowners the houses may not be sold or let for a certain period. “There will be forced removals” she says of the illegal inhabitants of the houses. This is not going to be another Du Noon where residents built rooms in their back yards or on top of their houses and are charging a rental of R1500 per room.

Emergency housing
Wolwerivier was not part of Grose’s mandate. On a map in the corner of her seafront office in Bloubergstrand she points out where Spoorkamp and Tipside, the settlements that were in her mandate, were located. After they were moved to Wolwerivier for health reasons she took on the whole of the amalgamated settlement. “I’ve got my children and grandchildren off my hands,” she explains about her readiness to immerse herself in the lives of the people in the temporary “emergency” houses. “It’s temporary housing that can remain that way for 15 years.”

Wolwerivier Village is beautifying its entrance.

Wolwerivier Village is beautifying its entrance.

“Only bad news sells”
Grose lists the changes that are taking place on this inhospitable piece of land. “Beautification has started. There’s a tree planting project. A vegetable garden has been started, a clinic is being built and a taxi service is being organised which will run between Wolwerivier, Atlantis and Table View.

Other developments include setting up a neighbourhood watch comprised of members of the village. “In Afrikaans we have a saying, “Dis my lot en dis vrot (which roughly translates to “It’s just my rotten luck.”) It does not need to be like that.”



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