What to do if there’s a Break-in

What to do if there’s a break-in while you’re at home? Table View police spokesperson Captain Adriana Chandler gives the following advice:

•  If you wake up during the night and suspect that someone is in your house you should not investigate.  Lock the bedroom door and call your security company or police station, or press the panic button, should you have access to one.

•  Dial the number of the police station on your cell phone or landline before you go to bed. This will make it easier to make an emergency call.

Have a landline telephone in your room, or keep your cell phone close by.

Ensure that all windows are closed and that the alarm is activated before you go to sleep.
Install motion sensor lights and have an armed response alarm system.

Be informed about crime in your area: Join your local neighbourhood watch and attend public Community Police Forum meetings.



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