Sublime Sushi Wedding Cake

The sushi wedding cake. Photo: Denise Crawford

Gone are the days that a wedding cake has to be a fruit cake. Velddrift resident Yvonne Nosworthy chose a splendid three-tiered sushi wedding cake for her wedding.

It turned out to be a masterpiece, one with a heartfelt touch. An edible red ‘heart’ adorned the top of the cake. The masterpiece was created by Sushi Langebaan’s sushi wizard, Thomas Smith. Photos of the sushi wedding cake were posted on Facebook, and were greeted rapturously. It seems as if the age of the traditional wedding cake has passed.

Taste for fruit cake is waning
Back in 2015 Britain’s Daily Mail reported that only 18% of couples were opting for “an old-fashioned fruit cake.” Substitutes for this cake have included Twinkie cakes, tiered Pork Pie cakes, and more. The sushi wedding cake, which has also been called a “fishcake,” stands out.

A traditional touch for a not so traditional ‘cake’. Photo: Facebook

Broomsticks, dowels
According to sushi lovers it’s simply the wedding cake of choice.  Are you surprised? Perhaps even outraged? Then read what Wikipedia says about the wedding cake. “The modern wedding cake as we know it now originated at the wedding of Prince Leopold, Duke of Albany, in 1882; his wedding cake was the first to actually be completely edible. Pillars between cake tiers did not begin to appear until about 20 years later. The pillars were very poorly made from broomsticks covered in icing.

Prince Leopold’s wedding cake was created in separate layers with very dense icing. When the icing hardened the tiers were then stacked; this method had never been used before, and it was a groundbreaking innovation for wedding cakes at the time. Modern wedding cakes still use this method, but because of the size of today’s cakes, internal support is added to each layer in the form of dowels.” Hm, suddenly the sushi wedding cake does not seem outlandish at all. In fact, it makes pescatarean sense!



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