Whale Carcass removed from Sunset Beach

The whale carcass. Photo and video: Marnette Meyer

The City of Cape Town urges the public to avoid Sunset Beach during the course of today. (15 May 2017) The City’s Coastal Management team is in the process of removing a 15m long Brydes whale carcass that washed up on the beach this morning.

And although the carcass is expected to be removed by late afternoon that won’t be the end of the story. Odours might linger, the City warns.

The Mayoral Committee Member for Area North, Councillor Suzette Little urges the public to steer clear of the beach today. Little says, “While such occurrences tend to draw curious onlookers, from a safety perspective we urge members of the public to please keep away to allow the officials on site to do what needs to be done.” The operation is expected to be completed by late afternoon. The carcass will be taken to the landfill site at Vissershok.



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