Welcome to the Feast

Patrick Muller now presides over the kitchen of the Seafood Lapa. Photos: Denise Crawford

The Seafood Lapa has been given another West Coast injection. It’s not as if this golden oldie in Beach Road in Melkbosstrand needs to be given more West Coast blood, but it can never do harm. Enter Patrick Muller, former chef of The Palm Restaurant in distant St. Helena Bay.

I can swear that my burger was much bigger than this one.

And so starts the speculation. What will the food be like? Being a foodie is a hands-on job – and also one in which you put your money literally where your mouth is – and so Melkbos.net arrived unannounced and incognito and damn hungry at the Seafood Lapa on Sunday afternoon.

The Rolls Royce
Yours truly ordered the biggest of the burgers. Apologies if that sounds unimaginative. All my creativity goes into my work. Creativity had been applied to the burger however. It stood nearly two storeys high, or so it seemed to me. It was the most expensive of the burgers, the Rolls Royce, shall we call it.

I can’t remember its name but what I can say it that it was a mighty burger and it caused my companion to roll his eyes and it caused the waiter to maintain a discreet and rather doctorly silence… And I did right by it while watching the silvery seas beyond the NSRI. Eating the big burger took such a chunk of time that I forgot about all my cares, which was a bonus.

Seafood chowder.

The seafood platter.

Method to the madness
Why does a foodie talk about food? Why does one publish beautiful photos of food? It’s very simple. Eating out is one of the most enjoyable things one can do in an increasingly stressful world. One gets indulged, and yes, one pays for it. But one does it again and again and in the process one accumulates an archive of flavours and stories. Welcome to Melkbosstrand, Patrick!





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