Waka Waka: The Big Night is Coming!

Rehearsing for the big night. Photos: Melkbos.net

The Big Night is coming! The kids from The Clever Kids Academy are hard at work – or is it play – rehearsing for Thursday’s night graduation ceremony. The children who have passed their grades and are going on to the “big school” next year will  get a certificate on that night.

ACVV volunteer Margaret Dixon (who is a sprightly and youthful 72) has been teaching the kids to do the Waka Waka dance on that night. She’s intimately involved with the preschool. Margaret did play therapy for a long time with the children.

Margaret Dixon.

She’s also a dab hand at getting resources. The preschool, which is a happy and inspiring place, faces financial challenges as it does not get any funding from the government.

Margaret explains, “I started getting hot meals for the kids in winter (she still does it).

The Catholic church makes them sandwiches but in cold weather they need hot food. I always appeal on Facebook for foodstuff to make soup as there is no money given for food. It’s only because I know a lot of people that I get stuff.

Little scooters were donated when asked for, and Etienne from O’Tool Hire & Transport chopped trees and tidied up the grounds when I appealed for help.”
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