Tunafeesh’s Surf Report

Tunafeesh. Photo: Catherine Gibson

By Tunafeesh

“On Monday we have windless conditions throughout the day with the surf in the 2 meter range. Pick your small wave spot anywhere along the Atlantic side because it’s going to be great! The water still seems to be in the 14º range, so you may be lucky if you want to wet a line for a galjoen. (Speaking of which, make a note of the Melkbos Galjoen Derby on 5 August.)

On Tuesday it will feel as if Father Neptune is taking a break because the surf will drop off into the ankle snapper range. The perfect place will be Van Riebeeckstrand, especially next to the river mouth. With all the rain we’ve had we might be in for a surprise with some new sandbanks.

Come Wednesday you will enjoy the last of the windless days, with a slight push in surf. It will stay in the 2 meter range, so you will have to scratch around for some surf.

On Thursday the wind is set to hit a speed of 60 km/h from the north, which means you can go to work for the remainder of the week, because it’s looking pretty bleak. (But for kite surfers it’s going to be great with all that wind.)

On Friday the surf will pick up slightly into the 3 meter range. The wind will still be from the north, which makes the surf conditions choppy and messy. You can surprise the Boss by going to work early and working late and giving it your all, and end up getting nominated as employee of the month. Have great week. Life’s a BEACH!” -Tunafeesh




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