Tunafeesh’s Surf Report

Tunafeesh. Photo: Catherine Gibson

By Tunafeesh

“You’d get out there early today (Monday), because it sounds as if Father Neptune is really angry: the waves are breaking on the outer reefs in these windless conditions.

The wind starts to pick up around mid-morning bringing some rain. So get those JoJo tanks ready! On Tuesday the wind will turn; it will come from the south bringing a chill to the air but there is swell all around. All you will need to do is pick your surf spot. Be careful however. The swell is going to push 5 meters, so make sure your surf board leash is a fairly new one otherwise it’s going to be a long swim if it snaps.

On Wednesday the swell will continue to hang around the 3 meter mark in windless conditions. I would tell the boss I’m scheduling a board meeting or visiting customers up the West Coast if I was you.

On Thursday the swell peaks at 5 meters. If I was you I would catch up on all the work you’re behind with from leaving work early to go surfing. Or even better, work overtime to impress the Boss because it’s going to be windy, rainy and cold.

You might need to take your surfboard to work and paddle home with all the rain predicted! On Friday the waves are predicted to hit 6 meters in light winds. This might mean a trip up coast to some secret spot. But let’s get through the week and see how things play out weather-wise.” – Tunafeesh



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