Tunafeesh’s Surf Report

Tunafeesh. Photo: Catherine Gibson

By Tunafeesh

“What a weekend of surf! Saturday saw glassy conditions until the wind and rain came suddenly. Sunday was a classic windless surf day!

If you can, work from home on Monday, because it is a classic surf day with no wind and leftover swell from the weekend. All you need to do is suit up and pick any spot along the Weskus!

Tuesday: Make sure that your surfboard is tied securely onto your roof racks because it’s the warm-up for what is about to come!

Wednesday: If all surf website predictions are correct we will see 10 meter swells hitting our coast with gusts of 51 knots blowing the poor seagulls backwards! If you convert that, it’s 95 kilometres per hour!!! If you have scheduled a kitesurfing lesson I would phone and cancel. Make sure that your JoJo tanks are secure and that they have an overflow pipe because we are in for some heavy rain, which we desperately need!

Thursday: It could be good, but you are going to have to wait for the ocean to settle down and recover. Keep an eye out for tube waves, as this could be the spot.

Friday: No wind is predicted but the swell is dropping fast. So get the stand up paddle board ready or go Feeshing! Enjoy your week! Life’s a BEACH!” – Tunafeesh



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