Tunafeesh’s Surf Report

Tunafeesh. Photo: Catherine Gibson

By Tunafeesh

“I’m on two weeks leave – oh yeah! It’s Tuesday and it looks like the wave machine is taking a break and the crayfish are able to leave their holes from the pounding waves crashing the Melkbos reefs! The swell is in the 2 meter range but dropping throughout the day in light offshore winds. A trip down to Van Riebeekstrand might be an option to get some surf in.

Wednesday will be a lekker BEACH day but more for Supping in windless conditions throughout the day, so enjoy! Another option will be to get some practice for the Galjoen Derby on 5 August.

Thursday the swell will stay in the small range, so you will have to scratch around for a little surf or go to work and impress the boss.

Friday will be the calm before the storm. We will have a push in swell into the 3 meter range in offshore conditions. Just a word of advice: make the most of it because you will have to brace yourself for a windy, cold and wet weekend!

Enjoy! Life’s a BEACH!” – Tunafeesh




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