Tunafeesh’s Surf Report

Tunafeesh. Photo: Catherine Gibson

By Tunafeesh

“How fast did this week go! This weekend you can prepare yourself for strong onshore northwesterlies on Saturday. It will cause the surf to be fairly messy so if you are a die-hard surfer your best bet would be the purple toilets on high tide in solid 3 meter surf.

If you are not keen on getting sandblasted and getting washed down to Koeberg you can go and watch the decider match between the Lions and Kiwis at the Seafood Lapa with your other not so die-hard mates!

On Sunday the wind will start to switch direction into the south and pick up during the course of the day. It will to be a great surf day for tube wave. Remember to pack some coffee and take your newest wetsuit because it’s going to be cold and rainy!

Enjoy! Life’s a BEACH.” – Tunafeesh



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