The Joys of Vintage

The first rule of vintage is to know what it refers to. When people talk about vintage they generally refer to something old and fine, as opposed to something that is old and derelict.

Jeanette Storar has a love for things old and fine.

Jeanette Storar has a love for things old and fine.

Kurt Geiger jewel encrusted shoes.

Kurt Geiger jewel encrusted shoes.

Accessories that will add character to your home.

Accessories that will add character to your home.

Design guru Karl Lagerfeld readily admits to being inspired by the designs of his predecessor Coco Chanel, and continuously revisits them. Film stars and singers like Lady Gaga opt for vintage for red carpet events.

The latter recently rocked a vintage Versace dress, one of those which were embellished with a multitude of safety pins. Which brings us to a niggling little point: that there are degrees of vintage. But, usually it means really old, okay?

The finer things in life
Fine textiles, embroidery and an attention to detail and workmanship will lend a delightful dimension to any cupboard. You don’t need to be wealthy to own such items; only equipped with a good eye and some boldness. Recently, well-known Jozi model Emelda Gininda rocked up at Storar’s in Melkbosstrand, and promptly fell in love with the hats. Looking like an improved version of Grace Jones, Emelda waxed about her love of all things vintage from the vantage of an upholstered old chair.

A guide for vintage virgins:
Be selective. You’re not aiming to create a time capsule. You are about to add a stylish layer to your house and wardrobe. The backbone of your wardrobe should consist of modern practical pieces.

Look out for velvet jackets, suede jackets, hats and jewellery.

Emelda Gininda's photo shoot at Storar's.

Emelda Gininda’s photo shoot at Storar’s.

(Personally, I’ve not being so lucky with shoes, but then, this might be a personal thing best discussed with my podiatrist.)

Collect old paintings and picture frames, and beautiful pieces of porcelain and crockery.

Look out for vintage children’s books as they were beautifully illustrations. Tip: Illustrations can be removed from battered books and framed.

As you gain knowledge and confidence you can join online forums like Table View Auctions and do your bidding and buying (and selling, because you might just graduate to becoming a seller) there.

Visit for inspiration and tips on which vintage garments you should be looking out for locally.



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