The Bearded & the Beautiful

Wesley McIntyre at ease in Mic's Barber.

Wesley McIntyre at ease in Mic’s Barber.

Growing a beard is not for sissies or sloths. It requires care and money. More so than the beardless brethren would ever imagine. popped into Mic’s Barber in Melkbosstrand this week and asked Wesley McIntyre what it takes.

You get two types of beards, says Wesley McIntyre. The one worn by afficionados is styled, while the one worn by hipsters is left scruffy.

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For afficionadoes this difference is important. They point out that they started wearing beards long before the hipster thing got going. McIntyre describes the look in historical terms. “It’s gentlemanly. It’s going back in history. It’s old school.” A beard is clearly symbolic. According to McIntyre a beard can signify that the owner is metrosexual, that he dresses nicely and feels comfortable in a tux and a tie.

Beard Model: Facebook

Beard Model: Facebook

If you fancy growing a beard, there are some hairy facts to consider before you throw away your razor:
You will need to wash your beard every three days or so, and blow-dry it.
You will need to put a conditioning balm on your beard and skin and wax your moustache into shape. Your beard absorbs a lot of water; more so than your hair. This means that it gets dry.
You will need to buy a special shampoo and beard oil.
You will have to have the ends trimmed, as they can split.
Going to have your beard trimmed and shaped will set you back about R130.
A bottle of beard oil costs about R180 while a bottle of beard shampoo costs about R120.
The special balm for your beard costs about R120, while a brush will cost R100 and a comb R100-R120.

Some creative souls make their own oil. One describes how he uses a foundation of 45 ml almond oil to which he adds a drop of essential oil. He uses cinnamon or a mix of citrus and pomegranate.

The first 3-4 weeks tend to separate the men from the sissies. During this time the skin gets very itchy. But there’s good news. The itchiness goes away afterwards. Is this a return to raw manhood or an embrace of metrosexuality? The answer probably depends on the individual.



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