Terrible, Terrific, TABA

Man against nature.

Man against nature. Photo: Marnette Meyer

From its start 22 years ago the Trans Atlantic boat race separated the men from the boys, and the iron women from the women. This year it was even more so the case. The race, that took place from 22-24 April, tested all 60 participants.

Swells of 2 to 3 feet and winds of over 50 knots were reported. Two participants were injured and taken to hospital. Due to the weather the programme had to be adapted again and again. This is nothing new in the history of this arduous race, NSRI Station 18 Commander Rhine Barnes explains.

Man against nature
On Friday the Velddrift leg of the race was cancelled as conditions were too hazardous; instead participants did a circuit race at Strandfontein. Then Saturday’s programme had to be changed. Instead of racing from Mykonos participants did a circuit race at Yzerfontein. On Sunday morning the weather cleared up and the race was on from Yzerfontein to Melkbosstrand.

Can’t see your hand in front of your face
Barnes comments, “The West Coast is an interesting place as it is here that weather conditions coming across the Atlantic Ocean make their landfall. One never really knows what the morning will bring. There are days when you can’t see your hand in front of your face because of the fog. South Africa will host the 2017 Thunder Cat World Championships next year and events such as the TABA are perfect for making sure that Team SA are ready.” Local iron woman Marnette Meyer has completed the race a few times on her jet ski. She describes it as “a case of mind over matter. A case of just praying. When you are out there, it’s just you and the ocean.” Terrible and terrific. That’s TABA.



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