Teens’ Heritage Day Horror

A Heritage Day party turned so ugly that it ended in murder. Graphic: SAPSA group of four teenagers will always remember 24 September 2016 as the day they were attacked on the beach. Three men, all of them wearing hoodies, approached the teenagers after sunset at Eden on the Bay and a traumatic series of events followed.

Ordered to a secluded part of the beach
According to the spokesperson for Table View police, Captain Adriana Chandler, two of the men had knives and one had a firearm. The men ordered the youngsters to a secluded and bushy part of the beach, and ordered them to lie down on the sand. After tying them up with their own clothing they took their personal belongings. One of the girls was also indecently assaulted during the attack.

An identikit
After the men left one of the teens managed to untie himself and his friends and went to call the police from a friend’s home. All of the teenagers were offered trauma counselling after the attack. The investigating officer from the Milnerton Cluster Family Violence, Sexual Offences and Child Protection Unit is busy compiling an identikit of one of the suspects.

Under the Sexual Offences Act 32 of 2007, the State will investigated a case of rape (the amended definition of rape is any penetration by any object into any orifice of the male or female body); armed robbery and kidnapping.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Crime Stop on 08600 10111 or Milnerton Cluster Family Violence, Sexual Offences and Child Protection Unit on 082 522 1097.



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