Table View Police’s Safety Tips

Display your house number clearly so that it can be easily seen by emergency service or police.
Store and label emergency contact numbers in your phone to allow fast dialling in an emergency.

Don’t go into your house if you find a door or window open, or signs of forced entry.
Don’t listen to music, watch television, or entertain visitors, with your doors open or unlocked.

Don’t give the impression that you are alone if a stranger telephones you, or comes to your door.
It is your right to see the identification cards of callers who claim to be from the government, municipal officials, or even policemen. Ask to see their identity documents/cards even when they are in uniform. If they fail to comply, ask them to leave your premises and report the matter to the police.
Get to know your neighbours.

Don’t leave the key inside a door that has a glass panel, or has a window near the door.
Lock all doors and close windows when leaving your home, even if it is only for a short while.
Do not hide your keys under the door mat, in flower pots, or any other place where criminals can find it.
Get burglar bars.

Don’t leave notes outside your house announcing your absence.
Leave a radio and a light on if you have to go out at night.
Don’t leave an outside light on throughout the day as this is a sign that no-one is home.
Cancel deliveries such as newspapers if you are going away. If this is not possible ask a neighbour to collect them.

Changes the locks on your house if your keys are stolen or lost.
Ask a neighbour to keep an eye on your house if you have to go away.
Don’t keep large amounts of cash at home.




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