Table View Police Report: 3-9 April

Five men robbed a shop in Potsdam Road in Table View around noon on Tuesday, 4 April. The men at first pretended to be customers; then one of them pointed a firearm at the cashier while another man jumped over the counter and demanded cash. The security officer was held at gunpoint.  The suspects fled on foot with an undisclosed amount of cash.  No shots were fired and no one was injured during the incident.

Three men (of whom one was wearing a balaclava), broke into a house in Ravenscourt Road, Parklands on Thursday, 6 April 2017 shortly before 02:00.  The men were armed with a firearm and knives. They took an undisclosed amount of cash, jewellery, and personal belongings before fleeing the scene.

The following items that had been left inside vehicles were stolen during the period of 3 – 9 April:  laptops; handbag with personal belongings and cash, clothing  and cell phones.  Most of these cases occurred in public parking areas.

Two suspects were arrested for possession of crystal methamphetamine and cannabis in Parklands and Table View on Thursday, 6 April.

A 17-year-old man from Site 5 was arrested for selling liquor without a permit. Police found large fridges containing liquor and a cash register with cash in his dwelling on Saturday 8 April. A total of 275 tins/bottles of alcohol were confiscated.  The suspect was arrested and released into the care of his older brother.  The suspect appeared in the Cape Town Magistrate’s Court yesterday.

Police found mandrax tablets and large quantities of cannabis at a spaza shop in Site 5 on Saturday 8 April.  Police arrested a 53-year-old suspect for dealing in an illegal substance.

A 36-year-old man was arrested under the Dangerous Weapons Act in Site 5 on Saturday 8 April. Officers noticed a suspicious-looking man. The man ran away when the police approached him.  The police gave chase.  When asked why he he had run away, he claimed to have been afraid.  Police searched him and found a large knife in his possession.

On Saturday 8 April, still in Site 5, another man ran away from the police.  The officers found his behaviour suspicious.  The officers took him to his house and asked to search the dwelling.  He gave them permission saying that they would not find anything. Large quantities of cannabis were found. The man was arrested for dealing in an illegal substance.

The Milnerton Cluster Commander, Major General Anneqah Jordaan commended the employees for the arrests; she also expressed her gratitude to the community member who came forward with the information about the suspect who was selling drugs to the youth.



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