Super Cyclist Ahead!

Quentin Radsma. Photos: Denise Crawford

Quentin Radsma does things with a bicycle that other people can’t. The 36-year-old Durbanville resident was spotted performing at Eden on the Bay by sharp-eyed Melkbosstrand photographer Denise Crawford.

Crawford captured Radsma riding on his back wheel from one cement pillar to the other. There were about 5-6 pillars, and Radsma stayed on his back wheel all the way. A few days later he performed on the rocks at Sea Point and Crawford was on hand to capture this too with her camera.

Zoning out while staying alert asked Radsma what it takes to perform like this. Radsma describes a process of concentration that “is difficult to explain. You’re almost zoning yourself out while staying alert. You have to use your subconscious.” He’s been honing his skills since 2003. He started out doing all aspects of mountain biking. Now he concentrates on his passion: trials. He practices three times a week, and sessions last from an hour and a half to two hours.

Explosive workout
Radsma describes trials as an overall body workout, “an explosive workout that requires balance and precision. Riding from pillar to pillar on his bike’s back wheel was less difficult than performing on the rocks at Sea Point. The rocks are deceptive; they are bumpy and pitch the rider from side to side.

It’s worth all the trouble. After performing trials Radsma feels “overwhelmed and joyful.” He says he would like to do performances using a 4 x 4, a stepladder, beams and obstacles.

For more information visit Radsma’s page TTM Athlete on Facebook.



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