Stressed, Shot at, now they’re getting First Aid Training

ER24's Tactical First Aid Training for rangers. Photos: ER24

ER24’s Tactical First Aid Training for rangers. Photos: ER24

On World Rhino Day one can spare a thought for the game rangers who are the buffer between the rhinos and organised crime syndicates.

Earlier this year the first Kruger ranger was shot by poachers; he managed to survive as he and his fellow rangers had attended an ER24 first aid course. Now another 205 Kruger rangers have completed ER24’s Tactical First Aid Course and have been supplied with medical kits.

rhino-2 Dangerous
According to the founding director of Elise Daffue who joined forces with ER24 and medical supplies company MedDev the day to day life of a game ranger is especially hard.

rhino-3“Rangers have had to become soldiers, which is not what they originally signed up for when they chose a career in conservation, as a lot of the poaching groups now carry firearms.

Rangers are the ones who stand between a rhino and a poacher and we need to be doing everything we possibly can to support them. They are doing their level best out there. Poaching, especially the cruelty and senseless killing, conjures up all sorts of emotions. Doing this kind of work means that you do get emotionally involved. sponsors specialised psychological support for the rangers and their families to curb stress levels and help prevent burn out.



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