Singing Tree

Melkbosstrand has a singing tree. No jokes! The tree in question stands opposite the Seafood Lapa. But for those of you who are going to head over there right now in order to hear it sing, let me just go on record and say that it probably won’t utter a single musical note. It does not sing on demand like a boy band.

The tree starts singing at an hour every self-respecting bird can feel in it’s little bird-like bones. And that is sunset. At the moment the tree comes alive with song around six o’ clock at night. Sometimes one can see numerous birds heading for this tree; presumably they roost in it. Sometimes, like last night when yours truly headed over for the evensong, one can only hear them. One thing is for certain however, and that is that the tree comes alive with an avian sonata at that time. Now that’s something to tweet about …



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