Shake-That-Sneeze Citrus Rooibos & Mint Smoothie

A delicious and healthy smoothie. Photo:

A delicious and healthy smoothie. Photo:

Agri Western Cape has allowed us to share this recipe for a flavorsome and healthy smoothy. You can find this recipe, and others too, on their website www.growing

“Deliciously designed by Nature to shake off that flu or winter cold, this vitamin booster smoothie hails from the heart of Citrusdal and boasts famous Cape Rooibos, proudly grown in and indigenous to this unique area. It’s proof that in-season citrus keeps the doctor at bay.

In-Season Citrus to make 400 ml Juice
(4 Clementines & 2 Oranges)
45 ml Rooibos Extract
2 Ice cubes
1 tsp Grated fresh ginger
4 cm Fresh Lemon Grind
6 Peppermint Leaves

Make a Rooibos Expresso or very strong Rooibos, allowing to cool.
Use your choice of In-Season Citrus.
5 x large Clementines & 2 x Oranges, to make a big jugful, or 4 x tall glasses of Shake-the-Sneeze-Smoothie.
Pre-peel, grind and dice your ingredients.
Place your choice of citrus in a Smoothie Maker/Liquidiser/Blender.
Blend and smooth your fresh fruit ingredients well.
(Add Rooibos Expresso, Ice Cubes, Fresh Ginger, Lemon, Mint, one at a time.)
Add one Beet for extra Vitamins and a lovely refreshing ruby tint.

Add Honey for sweetness, a health boosting natural antibiotic, it’ll soothe a sore throat.
Add full cream yoghurt for a filling smoothie or freeze to make healthy dessert lollies for all – it will save you dishes and water too.
The straw featured here is re-usable glass, making it non-toxic, better for the planet and better for you and your family too.
Hand squeezing with an Orange Juicer (Metal) works well too – plus saves in electricity and will help you build muscle in winter.)



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