Housing Scam!

Twelve blue-collar workers recently saw their dream of owning a home opposite Charly Woodcutter in Melkbosstrand go up in smoke. The empty land was supposed to be the site of RDP houses. Olive Close the second, you could say.

It was a lie, but the 11 chars and gardener who had tried to guarantee themselves a place on the mythical housing list did not know this. And so they handed over their R5000. And waited. And nothing happened. According to the head of the Melkbosstrand Ratepayers Association, Smokie la Grange, this scam was perpetrated about 4-5 weeks ago.

The houses were going to be opposite Charly's Wood.

The houses were going to be opposite Charly’s.

“It’s not the first time this has happened. It’s the third time,”

Smokie la Grange has spoken out about the scam.

Smokie la Grange has spoken out about the scam.

La Grange emphasises. In this case little is known except that the two scamsters hinted that they “came from the attorneys above the Wimpy.”

La Grange emphasises, “They did not say they were linked to them. They insinuated that they were. It’s because it’s a well-known place. It’s not happening. They say it will be like Olive Close. But no RDP houses will be erected. THIS IS FRAUD. Please be wary and advise your workers.”



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