Rotary Shop gets Make-Over

From left to right: Anne, Lorna and Margaret.

Melkbosstrand’s Rotary shop has opened after a well-deserved holiday break. And the ladies who man (or should one say who ‘woman’) this shop have been very busy.

The shop received a huge amount of donations, and space had to be made. This week, six ladies got together to sort out the old stock, of which they then donated bagfuls to the needy. And then they did  housework. Shelves were packed and items moved. It has been a task of Herculean proportions, one suspects looking at the neat shelves.

Yours truly is a fan of charity shops, and so I get to know the volunteers who work at these places. They work here for love and charity, just like the proverb says, and they are a unique breed. Good-hearted, chatty, just about the nicest people you will get to meet.

Lots on offer
The Rotary shop has a lot of things on offer. If you’re a mother of young children you’ll find “lots of small children’s clothes,” says volunteer Anne. Volunteer Margaret adds in the same breath that they’re in need of “babies’ clothes and blankets and towels. Even towels with holes – we give stuff away.” There are the genuine finds too, and for treasure hunters like yours truly this sort of place is heaven.

For a good cause
The money raised from the donations fill a thousand-and-one holes, while some donations such as blankets, clothes and toys go to Wolwerivier, NPOs and individuals in need.  As there is so much need, there is also constant need for donations. “What do you want?” I ask Margaret. She quips, “We want a Ming vase and a Picasso etching!” and then she laughs good-naturedly. Who knows, perhaps these will arrive here one day, tucked in between other goods. As she talks, volunteer Lorna takes a jacket from a rail and says “I thought this is just right for you.” Talk about the personal touch. Lovely ladies, all of them.

The Rotary charity shop is on the corner of 6th Avenue and Beach Road; next to Salon Carinette. Opening times: Monday to Friday from 2 pm – 4.30 pm. Margaret Dixon can be contacted on 084 553 3733.




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