R500 000 Found in Teen’s Car Boot

A teenage boy who was found in possession of R500 000 on Monday night will be appearing in court today. The 15-year-old boy was arrested shortly before 23:00 when he tried to evade a police vehicle checkpoint near Parklands Main Road. 

When the boy noticed the police he turned his vehicle around and sped away.  Table View police officers chased the vehicle until it came to a halt in Sandowne Road.

The boy told the police that he was 18 years old and that he did not have a licence to drive the vehicle, hence the reason for speeding away.  Upon searching the vehicle officers discovered R500 000 in the boot of the car.
When asked where he had obtained the large amount of cash, the boy stated that he was 15 years old and refused to speak further.

The parents of the boy were contacted.  He was detained at Table View Police Station. He will appear in the Juvenile court at Cape Town Magistrate’s Court today. Organised Crime might be investigating the matter further, says police spokesperson Captain Adriana Chandler.



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