R39,3 Million Library for Dunoon

Du Noon gets a three storey-library, boasting some special features. Images: Provided

Construction started last week on a state of the art library in Dunoon. The R39,3 million three storey-building will boast impressive technological and green features, and is expected to be completed middle of next year.

Notable features:
Two storeys will house books; and users will have free internet access. (The third storey can possibly be used as a community garden or for community programmes.)
Green walls can be used for growing plants or herbs and vegetables.
• A water recycling system, with a 25 000-litre water tank beneath the parking area. The rain water collected in the tank will be used for irrigation and flushing toilets.
• The roof’s design allows for the addition of photovoltaic panels at a later stage.
• The building will be fitted with LED lighting and auto sensors.
• The library will have an external screen that can be converted into a media/digital screen to be used for outdoor movies or seminars.

The project is being co-funded by the Western Cape Government and the City.



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