R3-Million Dagga Bust in T’View Flat

An early morning search for a man who had allegedly assaulted a woman and her child, yielded big returns for Table View police.

The woman directed them to a flat in Sandown Estate, where police then found dried hydroponic dagga valued at R3 million!

According to police spokesperson Captain FC van Wyk, Table View police arrived at the flat around 01:00 this morning. They were told that the alleged assailant was not there. “The members asked permission to enter the flat to make sure that he was not there and the man agreed,” Capt. van Wyk says. “Upon searching the flat the members recovered a huge amount of dried hydroponic dagga in one of the bedrooms.

The dagga was in large boxes, numerous glass jars and other containers. Numerous amounts had been packaged, vacuum sealed for distribution. Scales and vacuum sealers were also found in the apartment.

In one of the bathrooms smaller amounts of dagga was also seized. ” A man (aged 33) and his wife (aged 28) were arrested. Provincial Organized Crime detectives were on the scene and are to conduct the investigation.

It appears that the dagga is imported, then packaged at the flat from where it is distributed. The two suspects will appear in Cape Town Magistrate’s Court tomorrow.

  • ralph Higgo

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  • tgif1

    Proff Nutt: “If you really care about harms in your country you would not focus on the harms of cannabis, you would focus on the harms of alcohol, but countries don’t do that, countries do not focus on the harms of alcohol because the alcohol industry is so powerful and so effective in controlling political discourse that politicians will not challenge it. You still have alcohol advertising here even though some countries have gotten rid of it. The argument that you are trying to protect the public by keeping cannabis illegal is undermined by the fact that you, and all of the other people who are trying to argue that cannabis should stay illegal are not trying to change alcohol. If you really cared about harm you would change alcohol.”



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