‘Pray for Mamma’

Looking very frail in this recent photo.

Gail is looking very frail.

The results of Gail Mitchell’s biopsy were bad. On April 5 we reported that the 55-year-old co-head of Mitchells’ Mission in Sanddrift suffers from stage 111 cervical cancer, and that she was waiting to get the results of a biopsy.

The following day Gail learnt that her cancer had advanced to stage IV and that she was too weak for chemotherapy or radiation treatment. She was given morphine and “told to contact a hospice.”

But Gail is not giving up, nor are her friends. Last week two girlfriends visited the busy mission house in Eshowe Street, and lounged about on Gail’s double bed, with its silky coverlet that seems on the point of falling off the bed. A godchild was brought to her and photos were taken, also on the bed. This bed has become the centre of the redhead’s life.

Gail's bed is the centre of her world now.

Gail’s bed is now the centre of her world.

Taking a beating
Gail looks frailer than she did two weeks ago. Then she told callers, “I’m chin up, chin up, sister. I’m gonna be fine. God is good. I’m gonna fight it. As I eat better, I can feel it. I’m gonna be positive.” But she had trouble eating before and after she made that comment. A few days ago her daughter Jazz posted the following message on Facebook. “Please pray for my mamma Gail Evelyn Goodchild Mitchell. Her body is taking a beating and is struggling to take the necessary nutrition to combat the cancer. All I want from everyone is a prayer, a thought, a wish to whoever you believe in.”

Dietary advice
Many people are giving Gail dietary advice. She has been told to drink dandelion tea and eat raw ginger and concoct a juice that consists primarily of beetroot, and to a lesser extent, celery, carrots, potatoes and radishes. A woman reminds Gail, “By his stripes I am healed.” For the moment the talk is all about cancer, and not about the possibility that the mission, that takes care of 35 women and children, might have to close down.

Amidst all of this Gail finds the strength to SMS me, a stranger, who has visited her only once. “Thank you for your love and prayers. God bless you always. Love, Gail.”

For more information about Mitchells’ Mission visit www.mitchellsmission.org



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