I Love Melkies Expands

I Love Melkies is taking over the next door premises. Photos: Melkbos.net and Facebook

Popular Melkbosstrand beachfront eatery I Love Melkies is expanding. The restaurant has taken over the next door premises that belonged to Melkbos Tailors.

Want to go there this weekend? Sadly, you can’t, as renovations are under way. If you peer through the glass doors you can see that the wall separating the eatery from the old tailors has been opened up. The interior looks gutted, except for the presence of a rather fancy light.

The revamped and expanded interior will probably be a visual treat if the nearby Hart is anything to go by. With this in mind, Melkbos.net asked Michael Lemin, co-owner of I Love Melkies and owner of the glamorous The Hart eatery, which is situated a few metres further on, if the interior will look anything like The Hart.

He laughed mysteriously, and said that it will retain its former rustic look but be a bit “edgier.”

By opening up this wall, I Love Melkies gains the space it needed.

Lemin says he does not plan to spread his wings further.

I Love Melkies reopens in the first week of April.



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