Playful Dog gets Snake ‘Toy’

Cherize Scheepers with Snowie.

Cherize Scheepers with Snowie.

The cobra was initially calm but became very angry.

The Cobra was initially calm but became “really angry.”

Great snakes! Snowie the 13-year-old Husky from Langebaan had an unusual playmate recently when a Cobra slithered over for a game. According to Snowy’s owner Cherize Scheepers the Cobra was “wasn’t aggressive at all. But after a while he got really angry…”

Cherize tells how the game between the dog and the deadly snake unfolded. “I was busy on the laptop in the dining room and my mom was helping me on the laptop, and she started screaming and I got a fright, because why was she screaming, and then I saw the Cobra was in the yard with Snowie.”

Hey, let’s play, little snake
The Husky was having a ball, Cherize says. “Snowie was lying down with her front legs on the ground and with her butt in the air. Snowie was inches away from the snake. Just barking like:Hey, let’s play, little snake.’ The snake and Snowie were so close they were like touching nose to nose.”

Cherize and her mother got Snowie inside the house with difficulty. They were relieved to see that she was okay as she had recently shed the thick fur that could have served as protection. At that stage their neighbours came to see what the shouting had been about and the snake was quickly coaxed into a box.
The cobra was later released in the wild.



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