Papegaaitjie: Talkative Bird is Keeping Mum

Papegaaitjie was found in a garden in Commaille.

Papegaaitjie was found in a garden in Commaille.

Papegaaitjie the wandering young African Grey has returned home to Ou Skip. He disappeared from Ou Skip on 18 July and was returned home a day later when he was spotted sitting in a tree in someone’s garden. Safe and sound, except for one thing. He had lost something during his day long adventure huddled in a tree behind the caravan park.

According to Papegaaitjie’s owner, Danté Malan, the bird, that usually is so talkative has kept mum since his return. Papegaaitjie has an extensive Afrikaans vocabulary, explains Malan. Asked how many words he knows, he answers, “many, many, many words.” Papegaaitjie also speaks full sentences. He has been known to say, “Oppas, moenie vir Ouma byt nie,” (Take care, don’t bite Ouma) and “Wanneer kom Jacques werk?” (When is Jacques coming to work?)

Papegaaitjie has even stopped whistling, reports Malan. The loving owner plans to put on his leather gloves and clip one of the wandering bird’s wings to prevent a similar episode.

When it became known that an African Grey had been seen in the tree behind Ou Skip, it raised the hopes of another birdowner, but to no avail.

Sigrid van Niekerk’s African Grey, Toontjies, that only has two toes, has been missing since 7 July from her home in Strathblane road. If anyone sees Toontjies they can contact Sigrid van Niekerk on 0835402580. There is a reward of R500 for her safe return.



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