One Cop Van for Town

One van to serve a large region.

One van to serve a large region. Photo:

Philadelphia’s police have a big responsibility and few resources. A single police van and a police force that consist of only five members per shift have to serve the people of Philadelphia and surrounding areas.

According to Capt. Frederick Rossouw, head of the Philadelphia police, the area under his jurisdiction stretches from Philadelphia to Klipheuwel on one side; on the other side it stretches as far as Wolwerivier, and on the West Coast side it stretches up to the petrol station on the outskirts of Atlantis.

Having a force of only five members per shift means that only about two will be out on patrol at any given time while three are in the police station. Unemployment is rife in this region and the crimes reflect this. They include theft, cable theft, break-ins, highjackings, assault and the use of tik. Capt. Rossouw says he is also concerned about the fact that Wolwerivier has no streetlights. At the moment the small task force acts in a reactive way due to constraints, but plans are underway to change this.




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