My Secret Melkbos

The aloe ferox is flowering. Photos:

My secret Melkbos is purely my own, just as everyone else’s would be his or her own. Mine faces the wrong way, one can say, as it has its back to the beach. It faces inland, and it has no coastal aspect. It has a distinctly inland aspect instead, thanks to the aloe ferox that grows here. At this point I have to say that my secret Melkbos can be found in the vicinity of the ACVV and the Country Club.

The aloe ferox is flowering at the moment. Their glorious candelabrums reach up skywards, their orange is bold and vulgar; it is the hue of Fanta cooldrink and Lays chips. They are not only beautiful but are also said to be medicinal but I really don’t care about that. They’re perfect just to look at.

If anyone ever asks you why you choose to live in a place that is so far from town that the commute wears you down, you can tell them that you have a secret Melkbos – and unlike me you don’t need to tell them where it is. That is the thing of living in Melkbosstrand. It has both coastal and inland aspects. It’s wet, and also dry. It’s slow-paced in places and fast-paced in others. You can take your pick which part you choose.



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