Midnight Abalone Drama


There was to be no rest for the police on Monday, 21 March. It was already close to midnight when Melkbosstrand police were informed that divers had been seen entering the ocean near 5th Avenue.  

According to police spokesperson Captain Adriana Chandler a team consisting of the Melkbosstrand police, the local neighbourhood watch, a local armed response team and Cape Town Law Enforcement’s Marine Unit made their way to the spot. For them, the night had only begun…

Abandoned their bags of abalone
The divers only emerged from the ocean at 04:30 am.  As the divers emerged from the ocean carrying bags, the police introduced themselves. The divers dropped their bags and fled in different directions.  They left behind seven bags containing 1158 shucked abalone.  The abalone was handed over to the Marine Unit. The value of the abalone is unknown at this stage.

  • Steve Watermeyer

    I’m pretty sure it was Tuesday night / Wednesday morning – But I could be wrong

  • Steve Watermeyer

    21st was a Tuesday

  • Paul Naylor

    … and Sea Fisheries still issue permits, for the Commercial Divers to take out what is left of the perlemoen in Melkbos (after the poachers having taken their lot). So much for closing down areas to restore the abalone stock, Sea Fisheries are clearly not interested in conservation.



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