Melkbosstrander Writes Wacky New Children’s Book

Linza de Jager holds a copy of The Invisible Adventures of Max Pepper. Photos: Anna Emm Publisher

Melkbosstrand resident Linza de Jager has turned over a new leaf. And no, she has not turned green. She has become invisible. Well, in a way… Linza is the author of a wacky new series of children’s books called The Invisible Adventures of Max Pepper. The first book in the series, which is aimed at 8-12 year olds, appears today.

Book One: The Case of the Missing Greyhound, recounts the amazing events that unfold when Max’s mom’s greyhound Lily is kidnapped. Nerdy Max (who spends her time making lists and conducting unusual science experiments) has to get out of the lab and find the pampered dog before her mom cracks up from stress.

Luckily she teams up with the much more practical Willburt Moss. An unlikely friendship develops as the plot thickens, and everyone becomes a suspect.

Award-winning illustrator Chris Venter has created 10 humorous full-page illustrations. Chris won the ATKV Woordveertjie award for his illustrations in 2011. His talents have come in especially handy, as he has had to depict an ‘invisible’ heroine…

The Invisible Adventures of Max Pepper is published by Anna Emm Publishers. It can be ordered from or 021 930 0908. Melkbosstrand residents can order their copies from their local Anna Emm agent. Tania de Clerk can be contacted on or
072 613 6332.



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