Lost your Mojo? Go to the Dojo!

Carol Daniels.

Carol Daniels. Photos: Marnette Meyer

According to karate instructor Carol Daniels something’s up – the girls of Melkbos are not doing karate. Only one girl attends the dojo run in Melkbosstrand by Carol, a fifth Dan, and her husband John, a sixth Dan.

It’s different in other places, says the former police captain and trainer of the national karate team. Today, she tried to change that. Carol demonstrated basic karate moves  to a group of teenage boys and girls attending the week-long activities at Melkbosstrand High School. And she did it with her usual vim and vigour. Adopting an exaggeratedly high-pitched voice she trilled, “Oh, I can’t do that, I’m a girl!”

Wed 2Get back that mojo
It’s part of Carol’s programme of empowerment to teach girls ‘to fight like a girl.’ That’s something they do until something – adolescence – happens. Today Carol chose 15 youngsters, of whom five are girls, for a free month of training at her dojo.
So, come hell or high water, some girls are going to get their mojo back.

Somebody else had trouble with his mojo today. It was a young boy, and Carol1his mojo tended to desert him at unexpected moments.
When asked what his name is, he gave it readily. When asked what his surname is, he answered, “I don’t have a surname.” Something was wrong there. He looked away, clearly uncomfortable, and then he whispered his surname. It was a surname you will only find in South Africa; colourful and rich in history. But this boy was too ashamed to say it aloud.

If this boy attends shihan Carol’s class long enough, this shame will go away. A few months of blocking and kicking and throwing opponents will be enough to cure one of anything.

Carol Daniels’ Karate Kyousei Dojo is situated in Mini Town, Duynefontein. Contact her on
082 744 6818 or 021 553 4439.

The week-long activities were presented by the Melkbosstrand Police, Melkbos Care Centre, the Melkbosstrand Community Centre, the Melkbosstrand Fire Department, ACVV Koeberg, Melkbos Neighbourhood Watch and Community Police Forum.



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