Local Heroes receive Recognition

District Governor Lynette Stassen (right) and Club President Eileen de Wet. Photos: Melkbos.net

Last night four of Melkbosstrand’s achievers got the recognition they so rightly deserve. Deonné Harmse, Jeanette de Flamingh, Minette Benecke, Christa Kleynhans and Francis van der Byl were honored were the recipients of the Melkbos Rotary Club Community Awards. The gracious event took place at the Atlantic Beach Hotel.

The Rotary’s District Governor Lynette Stassen summed up the thinking of the Rotarians when she said, “To do good in the world makes a person happier.” It follows that these four people have got to be very happy then. Educator Deonné Harmse received the award for outstanding services from Isolet Jansen. The latter explained that Deonné gives the children who attend Melkbos Pre-Primary “a solid foundation for life, and yes, happy memories.” Deonné beamed as if the three decades have not taken a toll on her.

Deonné Harmse

The award for social services went to Jeanette de Flamingh who was part of the team “that took this branch of the ACVV from obscurity into a leading position. Jeanette has experience of working in the UK and US. She faces this dreadful poverty on a daily basis and treats the people with respect.”

The special award for community services went to Minette Benecke from Kids for Care. “Minette’s passion is for the underprivileged. She’s seen some of her children qualify as a chef, and an engineer.”

Jeanette de Flamingh

The award for emergency community services went to Christa Kleynhans. Christa is one of a handful of community medics, a founding member of Peanut Animal Welfare, a member of the Neighbourhood Watch and the longest serving member of the Community Police Forum. As if that is not enough, she is also an artist who paints in oils.

Christa Kleynhans

The final award went to Francis van der Byl, who was unable to attend. Isolet Jansen received the award on behalf of the busy head of the local fire station. “Melkbos built a new fire station under his command,” explained Frederik Jansen. He told how Francis will leave his desk and help fight fires.

Minette Benecke

District Commander Lynette Stassen said, “There is a Rotarian in each and everyone of us. Be mad and make a difference!” Hear, hear.





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