Knifeman robs Teens

saps-croppedA knife-wielding robber struck twice in Parklands on Monday afternoon. The man targeted two teens, in separate incidents that took place ten minutes apart.

The first incident took place in Bournemouth Bend. As a teenager was walking home from school a man, who he did not know, approached him and wanted to know what the time was. The teenager took out his phone to look at the time whereupon the man produced a knife, grabbed the cellphone, and ran off.

A few minutes later a man, who looks similar, also struck in Wood Drive. He approached another teenager and asked for the time.  The man took out a knife, grabbed the phone, and ran away.

The suspect has been described as “a bald male, dark of complexion, wearing jeans.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact Table View Police Station on 021 521 3300
or Crime Stop on 08600 10111.





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