‘I Love Melkies’ Nails It

Popular beach front eatery I Love Melkies has had a facelift. And what a facelift it was; it is bigger and quite beautiful in a young and edgy way, just as owner Michael Lemin promised.

Lemin also owns Hart, the über stylish breadhouse and eatery a few meters away. What can one expect at the new look I Love Melkies? A full house, for one thing. It was full from when it opened yesterday, following its brief closure. Also expect some new tapas, and the informal atmosphere and elegance that Lemin seems to have mastered during his time in London. Although he’s a restaurateur and a golfer and outdoorsy guy, he seems to have a secret life as an interior decorator.

It was Lemin and his beloved who decorated both I Love Melkies and Hart. Whereas Hart has a bit of a London club feel, I Love Melkies’ feel is younger. Walls are contrasting yellow and duck egg blue; and in some places they sport a distressed look. The pizza oven is a winner with its fire engine red tiles and yellow heart emblem. And the couches, covered in cheerful yellow leatherette, were pronounced a winner on sight.



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