Housebreaker in an out in a Sec – and I was a Witness

Photo for illustration. Photo: Avenue Response

Photo for illustration. Photo: Avenue Response

He was in and out of the house he burglered in Bato Way, Melkbosstrand, this afternoon in a second. CCTV footage showed a man leaving the house and driving off in a Toyota. He had gained entry using a crowbar, and had stolen a television. The owners were out for the afternoon, and had taken their dog along.

It happened around 3.3o pm. Shortly after the housebreaker drove off with his loot a security guard from Avenue Response responded to the alarm. He approached the front door, which was open, with his firearm unholstered – and it was at this stage that yours truly accidentally came driving by. An accidental and late witness. But a witness, nevertheless. Neighbours stood nearby, one had a knopkierie in his hand, apparently ready to help if necessary. A second patrol car from Avenue Response came as did the police. It was quick response but it was too late. The housebreaker was gone.

“I have lived in this street for 21 years,” said a long time resident. Things did not use to be like this. People left their bikes out, they left gardening tools out, nothing happened to it. This is happening much too often now.” Another man shook his head. “There are people all around,” he said. It was true. The brazen housebreaker had come and gone and the CCTV footage showing him is unclear. The spokesperson for Melkbosstrand police, Constable Debbie Alard, says the suspect is at large.



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