‘Kids’ up for adoption

If you are a goat lover and own a patch of land you can hoof over to the SPCA in Grassy Park. A herd of goats is enjoying quality time in the SPCA farmyard in Grassy Park. Two adults, that could be a mom and dad, and a super playful kid are shown munching happily on the grass in the video. And yes, you can go and fill in adoption papers.

According to SPCA spokesperson Tara McGovern the goats are strays that came into the SPCA’s care a while ago. Nature has taken its course since then and a few kids have been born. These goats will not only lend an air of pastoral bliss to your farm/smallholding but will earn their keep producing wholesome milk.

People interested in adopting a goat can call the SPCA on 021 700 4143.




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