Holy Smoke!

Constable Hlangi Tayi Tayi and Constable Daryll Vink on either side of the foreign national, holding the stash. Photo: Provided

From left to right: Constable Hlangi Tayi Tayi, the foreign national and Constable Daryll Vink. Photo: Provided

A man’s alibi went up in smoke this morning when he was caught with a large amount of dope. The man, a 20-year-old foreign national residing in Du Noon, was hiking along the N7 in the direction of Atlantis when two Table View cops saw him.

According to a police spokesperson for Table View police Constable Hlangi Tayi Tayi and Constable Daryll Vink were patrolling the N7 at 11 o’ clock this morning when they saw the man; they stopped to tell him that he was not allowed to walk or hike on the side of the National Road. When they took his backpack in order to search it, he ran off.

The policemen caught the man quickly and opened the backpack.  Inside they found “two large bags wrapped in brown tape containing compressed cannabis, with an estimated street value of R6000.”

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    Dagga is a therapeutic plant with a lower potential for harm to self & society than sugar. The most studied plant on the planet, interacting beneficially with our endocannabinoid system.

    Supported by science, hated by those informed through propoganda.

    You will find plenty of peer reviewed studies, medical professionals (Joycelyn Elders, Andrew Weil, Lester Grinspoon, Deborah Malka, Sanjay Gupta, Abrams, Suzanne Sisley, Denis Petro, Ethan Russo, Uma Dhanabalan, Jeffrey Block, Bonni Goldstein, Juan Sanchez-Ramos..) who support dagga as a therapeutic plant.

    In SA, the Bobby Greenhash foundation PTY is supplying dagga oil to people suffering with terminal diseases. Their testimonials to the healing power of dagga is worth a read. The central drug authority (CDA) has also called for the decriminalization of dagga and a recent study they commissioned, concluded that dagga kills cervical cancer.

    Understanding what causes addiction and which substances are beneficial is crucial to a healthy, happy life. The SA substance abuse experts (S Kelley, Quintin Van Kerken) recommend harm reduction, evidence based solution through healthcare & education. Not the current failed war on people (drugs) that the SA police enforce. There is no ‘to serve & protect’ in that.

    • Dash…

      100% Agree. I recently watched The Culture High, eye opening stuff, well worth a look for anyone who doesn’t understand or agree with the complete legalisation of Cannabis!



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