Growing Old is Fun

Yours truly says: Getting old is fun. editor Linza de Jager. Photo:

Growing old is fun. Like Rooikappie in the fairytale one has slayed the Beast or various beasts so far, and lived to tell the tale. And so little things like The Oom embarking on his male menopause and asking for coffee in his milk after drinking it black for 25 years gets taken in one’s stride.

Admittedly it has been a battle, because as The Oom says sagely, one tends to do routine tasks automatically, without any recollection of doing them. Ditto with the coffee.

It’s been a battle getting it right. The coffee gets made and taken to The Oom, who is a lazybones at heart and enjoys a sleep-in, and being served in bed.

“Your coffee!” yours truly announces in a military tone before stalking from the bedroom; only to be called back. “Milk!” The Oom is not giving to excessive talking, as can be seen.

Oh, and so the battle between the old and the new has taken place again and again. This morning heralded a fresh start with the realisation finally kicking in that The Oom has started to drink milk in his coffee after all of these years. And it only took two weeks of rigid reprogramming. – Linza de Jager



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