Golden Oldies visit Bush Pub

Grace and Glamour at the Bush Pub.

Grace and Glamour at the Bush Pub.

Grace and glamour descended on the Bush Pub yesterday. The occasion was a visit by the Early Ford Club of Parow. Members of this august club had decided to take a drive up the West Coast and stopped off when they came to this watering hole.

Most of the petrolheads were in the Bush Pub, but a few hung around outside, as if they couldn’t tear themselves away from their cars.

Nollie Krause, explained that 4-cylinder Ford was the most powerful of the lot, and that it drives “very nicely.” He opened the bonnet to show off the inner sanctum to oohs and aahs. Nollie’s Ford had stiff competition, though. Another man pointed out his two-tone green Ford  Zephyr.

The left-hand drive rolls.

The left hand drive Rolls-Royce got attention..

“It is a 1964,” he intoned. “It came from Laingsburg.” The association with the flood made this old car appear indomitable; a veritable Noah’s Ark. “How does she drive?” A moment’s silence. “LOVELY.”

Owning a classic car has its drawbacks, as the owner of the Ford Zephyr had to admit. “The parts are hard to get. See, the windscreen is cracked. I keep it like that!”

A left-hand drive American Rolls Royce stood to one side. Its owner

Golden oldies lined up in front of the Bush Pub.

Golden oldies lined up in front of the Bush Pub.

was in the Bush Pub cooling off, leaving Nollie to explain about the all- consuming nature of loving vintage cars. “I own two others,” he said, while his son stood by. “An Anglia and a Consul.” His son nodded, as if in agreement. Owning a vintage car is like having a child.

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