Girl electrocuted; AfriForum lays Charges

Afriforum's Hillel Coetzer and Charlene's father Charlie Daniels. Photos: Afriforum

Afriforum’s Hillel Coetzer and Charlene’s father Charlie Jacobs. Photos: AfriForum

AfriForum, in conjunction with a branch of the civil rights organisation in Leandra, has laid complaints of murder and culpable homicide against two employees of the Govan Mbeki Local Municipality. The complaints arise from the death of Charlene Jacobs (8) from Leandra. Charlene was electrocuted on the afternoon of 10 August when she touched a lamppost in a street.

An illegal connection.

An illegal connection.

In a statement released yesterday AfriForum states that “an independent expert attributes Jacobs’s death to the illegal electrical connections on this pole and the fact that there is no earth wire attached to the lamppost.” According AfriForum’s District Coordinator for Mpumalanga West, Hillel Coetzer, the actions of the municipal employees are criminal in nature because poor service delivery and impaired maintenance have led to the death of a child. Support AfriForum with these complaints by sending an SMS with your name to 45350 (R1).



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