Horse Power!

Racehorses training at the old Milnerton racecourse. Photos: Denise Crawford

Beauty! Power! Speed! These marvellous racehorses were recently photographed at Milnerton racecourse and stables by Denise Crawford.

Though the racecourse is not used for racing anymore, it is still used for the training and stabling of race horses. The surroundings have of course changed, with much of the land around the race track becoming part of Royal Ascot and the Milnerton Racecourse Nature Reserve.

If you’re interested in history you’ll enjoy the following titbit. According to the the first race meeting was held in Milnerton in 1908. Most of the spectators took the steam train from Adderley street to Milnerton, and some of the race horses were transported this way too.

The old racecourse has certainly changed a lot since then, but going there is still a fantastic experience. Access is restricted now of course, but it’s reassuring to know that these gentle giants still train on the track, and that it is still in a way, business as usual.



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