Family Tragedy

The accident scene in Ravensmead. Photo: ER24

The accident scene in Ravensmead. Photo: ER24

When a car rear-ended another one last night in De La Rey Road in Ravensmead, Cape Town, it set about a chain of events which will change the lives of a family for ever.

The light vehicle ended up against a street pole, while the second vehicle ended up parked on the side of the road. When ER24 paramedics arrived on the scene they found a woman “lying in the passenger seat of the vehicle,” spokesperson for ER24 Russel Meiring says. “Unfortunately, the woman had already succumbed to her multiple fatal injuries. Nothing more could be done for the patient and she was declared dead on scene.

A second patient, a man believed to be the deceased son, was found seated in the driver’s seat. Assessments showed that the man had sustained moderate injuries.” The man was taken to Tygerberg Provincial hospital for further treatment. Only one person inside the car escaped without injuries. It was a young boy, believed to be three years old.



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