Facelift for R1 999

Petra draws an outline on the patient's face.

Mother Nature gets a helping hand.

It is an offer no woman in her right mind can refuse: ‘You can look 10 years younger and it will only cost you
R1 999.” The procedure that promises this is called a non-surgical facelift, and it is very high up on my bucket list.

I’m 51 years old, and Mother Nature’s gift is starting to resemble a wild and untended garden crying out for maintenance. It’s a crisis! But why opt for a non-surgical facelift and not Botox, I ask Petra Naude, owner of Renova House of Beauty in Melkbosstrand.

The answer is short and sweet. Whereas Botox has to be done every three months, a non-surgical facelift can last you two years.

Petra Naude in one of the treatment rooms.

Petra Naude in one of the treatment rooms.

Dewy skin
It is time to demonstrate the 8th wonder of the world and Petra commandeers one of her beauticians. Bonita, who has been blessed with a dewy unlined skin, lies down on a bed in one of the treatment rooms. A temple-like quiet permeates the space. The merest hint of perfume sweetens the air. Petra expertly draws white lines on Bonita’s face. Then she applies a layer of gel and starts the machine that transmits the ultrasound energy.
The process is painstaking, and can take from forty minutes to an hour. Petra talks about inflicting about 1500 ‘friendly injuries’ during such a session, resulting in the skin producing new collagen. 60-70 Year olds can still expect good results on the face, neck and chest. There will be no tell-tale redness or puffiness after the procedure.

Since Renova opened its doors in the Koeberg Centre in Duinefontein eight months ago people have streamed here. Petra’s customers come from near and far; some even fly in for a treatment.

The Renova team. Petra is in the centre.

The Renova team. Petra is in the centre.

Popular treatment
Petra fetches two paper stacks that look as if they’re competing with the Tower of Pisa. It’s the consent forms of patients who had non-surgical face lifts during these past eight months. I do a double take.

I’ll be back for the procedure, I promise. There could be add-ons for a faded flower like me; nose hair removal, facial hair removal, spider vein removal, special Dermalogica facials that will leave me with a dewy skin… It’s just what the doctor would have or should have ordered.

For more information visit www.renovabeautyspa.co.za or phone 021 553 0001.



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