Dog’s Autopsy Details Released

SPCA logoThe post mortem report for a dog that was tortured to death in Manenberg by eight youths has been released by the Cape of Good Hope SPCA. According to the official state veterinarian’s autopsy, the dog, which has now been named Sam, suffered multiple grievous injuries at the hands of the youths – a process which was filmed by one of them as they laughed.

The injuries include:
* Excess fluid on the lungs indicates that the dog was still alive when thrown into the water.
* Numerous fractures to its body before death.
* Injuries present in the skin of the head indicate puncture wounds caused by a large dog bite.
* The front rostral section of the skull was crushed, with hemorrhaging into the sinus and naval cavities.
* The liver was damaged due to blunt force injuries i.e. kicking or blows with an object.

Cape of Good Hope SPCA spokesperson Tara McGovern says that “These results serve to amplify the horrific nature of this crime and vicious intent to torture and kill the animal. The autopsy also confirms that “Sophie” is in fact “Sam” – a male crossbreed who will never be forgotten.”

McGovern says the SPCA inspectors are still awaiting word on when they can safely enter the area to retrieve the second dog in the video. The SPCA asks people to support their Humane Education programme so that they can continue to teach compassion towards animals.



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